Not clear yet?

Not clear yet?

Sometimes I hear that it is not quite clear what exactly the purpose of the Health Dance project would be, and the “how?” of it all.

A beautiful example of such a collaboration is how we developed a new and quite ‘disruptive’ form of interdisciplinary rehabilitation in the Netherlands – with several physiotherapist entrepreneurs: they saw the potential of my work, they took it upon themselves to develop the organization (extension of already existing physiotherapy practices, adding staff in different areas of expertise, building relationships with insurers, etc.); I trained the teams, did the consultations and the selection of the patients, I was the “captain of the ship” in a medical specialist sense (and I took full medical responsibility); they owned (and assumed all general financial and legal risks and charges) the clinics; I did “hired” work.
All won big on many dimensions (most of all in satisfaction of patients and referrers and therefore emphatically also for ourselves), we worked like crazy and we had tons of worries and suffered quite a lot, but it was SO Satisfying.

I am now “retired”; the company has grown in seven years to a level of several million euros in turnover with several dozen clinics in mainly the southern part of the Netherlands, where they continue to do So, Much, Good.

My aspiration is to go one step further: from recovery and learning to live with sequelae – to help to get, and stay, Super Healthy!

Hopefully then, you can help me put my nose in the direction of “Health and Wellness” entrepreneurs who might have the vision and the courage to set up such a project?

That would be really great!