``¿HealthDance?`` The purpose of this website

1. To expose our vision:
Anyone can learn to prevent, improve, or even reverse their health problems: to learn to take matters into their own hands and hardly ever again have to put them in the hands of others?
We see way too many sick people, not functioning optimally. All those people could be so much happier and so much more productive!

And: 80% of the entire healthcare industry might become redundant!

2. To invite partners to collaborate in the development of an innovative health system (entrepreneurs, disruptors, nonconformists; used to having their own opinion; team players. With the conviction that the benefits in terms of health improvement are, for the moment, much more interesting than the monetary results).

To make it our business to offer this in an executable way, takes teamwork: together we develop the work environment (lively; intense; by results), the steps to follow (the what and how), the orchestra (the instrumentalists, the director, the administration, the place): a dance!